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3 Ways Pull Printing Can Benefit Your Office

3 Ways Pull Printing Can Benefit Your Office, Atlantic Tomorrow's Office, NY, NJ, CT, PA

3 Ways Pull Printing Can Benefit Your Office

Today, data breaches and cybersecurity means businesses should always be looking for the best ways to protect themselves. Pull printing not only offers an increase in document security, it can offer many other business benefits as well.

The way pull printing works is by sending a print job to a secure server that then delivers or “pulls” the job to a printer when it is authenticated at the device by the user. This allows the user’s computer to perform other tasks, reducing strain on your network. Word documents, even web pages can be pull printed without having the file open. Users simply send the document to the server for processing.

Here are some more benefits pull printing can offer you:

Pull-Printing is Convenient and Secure

Pull-printing solutions help to reduce unclaimed print jobs and their associated costs. Users can print to a secure network, authenticate, and then retrieve jobs when necessary, even from a remote location. Pull printing allows your team to print as many documents as needed then pick them up when required. And, if one network printer is not working, they can simply go to another printer and pick up their documents instead of printing them again.

Pull printing requires authentication, improving security. Documents are released only after user authentication with a keycard, PIN number or other identifier.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Waste

In an office without pull printing, users must retrieve their printed documents right away. If they get interrupted or postpone picking up their job, they often find their documents have been recycled or discarded and must be printed again, wasting both time and consumables. According to Computerworld, pull-printing can cut waste by 20 – 30 percent.

A More Efficient Mobile Solution

As mobile growth explodes and “bring your own device” becomes more common, solutions like HP’s Access Control Secure Pull-Printing leverages your company’s existing email infrastructure to allow your mobile users to email print jobs to any pull-printing device for output, or even authorize others to print on their behalf.

Take a Closer Look at Pull Printing

Pull-printing offers safety advantages and cost efficiencies that can be an attractive option for streamlining workflows. As more manufacturers like HP make pull-printing a standard function in their secure print solutions, the transition can be an easy cost-effective solution!


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  • Pull printing is very beneficial for office because pull printing can be a attractive option for customers who are looking to streamline and secure their printing functions in today’s environment.