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A Paperless Office In Less Than 90 Days

A Paperless Office In Less Than 90 Days

A Paperless Office In Less Than 90 Days – Roadmap to Success

For many organizations, “paperless in less than 90 days” is a great achievable goal, as well as a rallying cry that gets your team on the same page. But what would need to happen to consider the initiative a success? It boils down to setting goals for digitizing three areas.

  1. Capturing information: Documents come into an organization in several ways, such as email, faxes, mail and forms. Each of these points of entry must be digitized.
  2. Routing information: Once information enters your paperless office, it needs to be routed through the organization. Here, the goal is to replace paper shuffling with streamlined digital workflows, with predefined processes for routing, reviewing and approving documents.
  3. Retrieving information: After the information has been routed, it needs to be archived in a way that allows for easy retrieval and managing access. You want to be sure your digital documents are captured, tagged and named correctly, so that they’re easy to find with a search…. READ MORE: Click this link:  http://bit.ly/1Q3rTOh
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