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Discover Hidden Savings with Managed Print Services

Discover Hidden Savings with Managed Print Services

Finding new and innovative ways to save money is the goal of most organizations, but it can be a challenging task to reduce costs without interrupting day-to-day operations. Managed Print Services (MPS) can help uncover a number of hidden savings with innovative, timely solutions designed to decrease costs, streamline business processes, enhance security and reduce your carbon footprint.

Putting MPS to Work, For You

A common misconception is that the effort and cost required to implement a Managed Print Services program will outweigh the benefits. In reality, organizations across the globe have been able to reduce their print costs an average of 30 percent by adopting a series of simple changes with Managed Print Services.

Regardless of the type of business you own, information is processed on a daily basis. Each document that is created or received is eventually routed, stored, edited and retrieved; and at each point along the way resources are expended. Inefficient processes and unmanaged print environments will benefit greatly from a number of print management initiatives, helping to reduce costs and waste, enhance productivity and give your employees the tools they need to positively impact your business and the customer experience.

An MPS provider will partner with you to learn and understand the key aspects of your business including your device fleet, business processes and print usage and will develop a series of strategic solutions with this knowledge gained.

Saving with MPS 

Most of the cost savings associated with MPS are clear: streamlining your printer fleet and reducing the usage of paper and other consumables to positively impact finances. There are, however, a number of other monetary benefits many businesses are unaware of.

Do you know the true cost of printing in your organization? If you answered no, you’re not alone. Expenses are often widespread between various departments and among a number of different vendors while others, such as technical support, are omitted altogether. Considering that printing costs the average company between three and six percent of their annual revenues, determining the true cost is the first step towards saving. An MPS provider will conduct a thorough print assessment to uncover hidden costs as part of a cost saving strategy.

Additional Benefits of MPS

After the initial print assessment, an MPS provider will work with you to right-size your print fleet providing you the necessary tools to monitor usage and activity and maximize productivity. Improving document workflow, streamlining and automating work processes, and implementing print rules can produce further savings using information obtained through the capture of information from the initial print assessment.

MPS is an effective solution to a costly problem. With the right partner, you can regain control over your print environment, reduce spending, increase productivity and improve workflows, adding value to your company and helping to increase your bottom line.

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