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Five Ways Document Management Will Benefit Your HR Department

Five Ways Document Management Will Benefit Your HR Department

For Human Resources departments, the COVID-19 pandemic had them pivoting quickly as the focus shifted to the needs of the new mobile workforce. Even as many employees continue to work remotely, for HR the shift has begun toward safe workplace reopening.

As your company responds to changing social and economic conditions, replacing outdated paper processes with new digital workflows can help you focus on helping your employees to navigate the workplace changes of the “new normal.”

Document Management and Key Areas Where Automation Has Impact

Replacing outdated paper-processes with digital document management and automation can increase efficiencies in processes ranging from recruiting and onboarding to separation. Here are five ways a digital document management system can help.

  1. Managing CDC Screening Requirements – HR will most likely play a big role in screening employee and visitor health status before they enter the office. Automating this function with e-forms and automated workflows can help provide contactless check-in and check-out, record who is on-site, and offer proof federal guidelines have been upheld.
  2. Serve Remote Employees – Digital document management keeps employee files centralized, and secure while protecting them with controlled access. Employees working remotely can get easy access to benefit information like healthcare, childcare, spending accounts, and more.
  3. Administration of Policies and Procedures – As HR pushes out new policies and procedures as we return to the office, document management software makes distributing information easier and provides an audit trail that verifies receipt. Electronic forms make obtaining employee sign-offs faster, easier, and more cost-effective.
  4. Onboarding – Automating the onboarding process ensures that new employees feel welcome and well-equipped to make their first days on the job stress-free and productive. To make the onboarding process easier, you can create and automate a checklist of required tasks like acknowledging confidentiality agreements, reading the employee handbook, and initial training plans.
  5. Performance Management – Automation allows you to customize performance templates, set dates for automated reviews, streamline hiring reviews, salary approvals, annual raises, and other workflows, while capturing and storing all of the information.

As we continue to deal with challenges in the workplace, paper processes can slow you down. This is especially true in HR departments. Atlantic can help you digitize processes like applications, onboarding forms, payroll and tax forms to save your team time that can be better spent on mission critical tasks.




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