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Document Management is a Business Necessity

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Document Management is a Business Necessity

Do members of your team waste time searching for information regularly? According to a McKinsey report, the average company employee spends 1.8 hours each day searching for and gathering information. That’s an average of 9.3 hours per week – over 1 full business day!

Searching for paper documents is time-consuming, frustrating, and costs you not only money but lost productivity. However, finding information doesn’t have to negatively impact your business.

A digital document management system organizes your business’ files and documents, storing them in a central location, making them easily accessible. With a document management system, information is searchable, easy to find, and the time you’ll save can be focused on mission-critical tasks like growing your business.

The Benefits of a Digital Document Management System

Besides saving time and frustration, document management offers businesses many other benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Centralization – A digital document management system allows you to organize, categorize, store and dispose of documents quickly and easily. Information can be searched using keywords or labels to locate files with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Easier Collaboration – Documents can be viewed and edited in real-time by multiple collaborators. This speeds up the collaboration process and allows information to be passed around to team members quickly and easily. All changes can be saved, and multiple versions can be created and cataloged, so the evolution of a document is preserved.
  • Improved Data Security – Information maintained in a document management system is protected and secured. Access can be controlled based on the role played in the business. Managers can grant access to individuals or teams, so they can access specific files based on the work they need to complete. Modifications, changes, and access can be monitored and tracked.
  • Simplified File Retrieval – The retrieval process is streamlined. Simply search for a document using a keyword, key phrase, document number, or any other parameter you set-up. No more searching through filing cabinets or piles of paper.

A digital document management system is a paper-free way to organize, categorize, store, edit, and retrieve all types of documents in the workplace. It can help increase productivity while lowering your costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

At Atlantic our Document Management solutions can help you access critical information in real time, eliminate the frustration of misplaced documents, retrieve documents quickly and easily and create a centralized electronic file cabinet with secured areas.

Ready to learn more? Contact Atlantic today and let us show you how a document management system can help your productivity and information security!




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