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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Printer?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Printer? | Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Printer?

Replacing the office printer may not cross your mind – until it breaks, that is. However, as technology has rapidly changed, many older printers may be costing you more than you think in both time and money. Consider these factors to decide if it’s time to upgrade your printer.

Print Costs

Older printers typically cost more to operate. They use more energy, break down more often, and often require supplies that are harder to find as time goes on. Some offices have multiple devices scattered through the office. Combining these into a multifunction device can help save significant money while adding a host of beneficial features.


If your printer isn’t secure, your network isn’t secure. Your printer should have built-in security to keep your data protected. User authentication, data encryption, and password protection options are essential to secure your data against cyberattacks. Security updates should be easy and automatic to keep you on top of the latest threats.


Manual steps in a document workflow process can slow down your productivity as you wait for each step to be completed. A new MFP can help automate some of these tasks to move your project along more quickly and smoothly for better results. App technology built into the printer can help you create automated workflows specific to your company for a seamless user experience.

Mobile and Cloud Access

Today’s employee no longer just works from the office. Mobile devices have made it possible to do even complex tasks from home or on the go. A printer that supports mobile printing will help keep your employees connected and productive wherever they may be.

Cloud access also helps keep employees connected. A printer that can upload directly to the cloud and print from cloud documents will help streamline your work.


A printer is a big investment, so you want one that can grow with your company. You need to look at your needs for not only today but years in the future as well. Get a printer that has the latest technology and also supports security and app updates to help future-proof your investment.

Even if your printer isn’t currently broken, it may be time to replace it. If you’re lacking these significant features, an upgrade can help change the way you print, scan, and fax to the benefit of your business for years to come.

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