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Is Your Printer Compromising Your Document Security?

Is Your Printer Compromising Your Document Security?, Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

Is Your Printer Compromising Your Document Security?

Are your documents secure? With cyber crimes on the rise, companies have made document security a priority, but many overlook a major vulnerability: the printer. If your printer has any of these issues, your documents may not be as secure as you thought.

  1. An unsecure hard drive. Modern printers have hard drives that store a copy of every document you scan, fax and print. This treasure trove of data is an easy target for hackers. You want a printer that will encrypt all of the data it sends and receives, as well as regularly overwrites its hard drive to help minimize your risk.
  2. Documents left in the print tray. If a document is printed and then unclaimed, the data contained within it can be seen or stolen by anyone walking by. This risk can be minimized by using pull-printing, forcing users to authenticate at the printer before their document is printed.
  3. No password protection. Sensitive data needs multiple layers of protection. If your printer doesn’t make it easy to add a password before sending a document, chances are you will skip this important step, leaving your sensitive data vulnerable to theft.
  4. Lack of automation. When you scan a document, do you need to save it locally before you can send it via email or store it in the cloud? This local copy creates an additional risk, especially if you forget to delete it when you’re finished. A printer that can automatically send your files to the cloud or to another person eliminates this step and this risk.
  5. Lack of mobile printing. More and more employees are doing work from home and the road, but for many businesses printing can often only be done in the office itself. According to the IDC, 35% of smartphone users and 34% of tablet users cannot print from their devices but want to. To work around this, employees must send the document to a co-worker to have it printed, which creates additional opportunities for your data to be intercepted. A mobile printing solution is not only more efficient, it’s also safer.

Document security is a critical priority for businesses today, but your office printer may be sabotaging your security protocols. If your printer exhibits any of these issues, it may be time to take measures that can help enhance your document security and protect your data and your business.

Do you know how secure your office printers are? Contact an Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office representative today and let’s make sure your printers aren’t putting your critical business data at risk.

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