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Keep Your Office Up and Running with the Right Device: MFP or Copier

Keep Your Office Up and Running with the Right Device: MFP or Copier

At first glance, could most people in your workplace tell a copier from a multifunction printer (MFP)? They may look similar, but each has its specific benefits. Knowing which device to use – or whether to use both in your organization – could help boost productivity while keeping your operating budget under control.

Multifunction printers have rocketed in popularity in recent years, not in small part because they align so well with cloud technology that allows for remote usage and digital share/store functions. They are instrumental in helping offices become more “paperless.”

  • MFPs combine copier, printer, scanner and fax into one convenient source – eliminating the need for separate service calls and different supplies for individual devices.
  • If aging scanners, fax machines and personal printers are cluttering the workspace, an MFP can save the space and the energy used to power those other devices.

Copiers, as well, have their place in the organization. Once a single-function piece of hardware to make reproductions, copiers have evolved in some of the same vein as MFPs. Their advantages include:

  • Higher print speeds on average than an MFP, with advanced models outputting up to 90 pages per minute.
  • The flexibility to print on differently sized paper.
  • Functions like collating, stapling and three-hole punching that cut down on manual labor.
  • Sharp and high-resolution prints that can look “customer-ready.”

Which is for you?

The decision to use an MFP or a copier could be driven by the department using the devices. Departments like sales or accounts payable/receivable may benefit from an MFP that performs many different functions while safely and securely accommodating users outside of the office. A department like marketing or creative may benefit from a copier that produces high-quality print that can be shared with customers and other stakeholders.

We would be happy to help you determine the best device to keep your business productive and your costs down. Contact an Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office representative today for more information.

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