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Managed Security

Are you having trouble keeping up with today’s dynamic cyber threat landscape?

Protecting your business

Are you having trouble keeping up with today’s dynamic cyber threat landscape?

Protecting an organization from disasters isn’t easy. Disasters come in many forms such as natural disasters or equipment failures. But cybersecurity attacks are more pervasive. They’re executed by malicious attackers looking for vulnerabilities in an organization’s network with the intent of stealing or encrypting their data and asking for ransom payments to release it.

Assess Your Business

Cyber attacks is big business

Large and small companies are the targets!

Many disaster recovery plans include partial solutions – Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office offers a holistic approach to protecting your business.

Assess Your Business




There are many necessary components to create a comprehensive security program to protect every organization. While any IT provider can sell and install Antivirus and firewalls, it requires a security focused organization, like Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office,  to effectively manage all of these components to assure organizations proactively monitor and minimize the risks associated with the ever-changing threat landscape.

Three critical, but often neglected solutions which should be included are:

Employee Awareness Training

Can your employees recognize a cybersecurity threat?

Threat Detection and Prevention

Do you know when you’re being cyber attacked?

Multi-factor Authentication

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Email Security

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Detection and Prevention

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Network/Server Hardening

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Can you recover from a cyber attack?

Total Data Protection

The Smarter Small to Medium Business Guide to Ransomware

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