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Secrets of People Who Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

Secrets of People Who Keep Their New Year's Resolutions, Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

Secrets of People Who Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

As you take down your old calendar and put up the new, you may be tempted to make some New Year’s resolutions. While less than 10 percent of Americans who make resolutions are successful, there are a number of steps you can take to significantly increase your odds. Read on for some great tips that may help you achieve your goals in 2018. The only thing stopping you, is you!

1. Find a partner.

Buddy up with a friend, relative or co-worker with a similar goal and develop a system so that you can help each other be accountable and offer encouragement and support. Sharing your journey with someone who understands the challenges of breaking or developing a new habit can help you remain motivated throughout your journey.

2. Start slow.

Habits are neither formed nor broken overnight, and long-term success is more likely if changes are incorporated gradually over a period of months, rather than all at once.

3. Keep track.

Start a physical or digital log to record your momentum on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Being able to visualize your progress will help keep you motivated, and alert you if you begin to plateau or backslide.

4. Reward yourself.

Set small goals for yourself and when you reach them, treat yourself to something that makes you happy.

5. Plan to succeed, but be prepared to fail.

Picture yourself at the finish line, but don’t expect to get there without taking a few detours. Have a plan in place for when you are tempted to revert back to your old habits, or are considering giving up, to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

6. Be clear.

Avoid general resolutions such as “getting in shape” or “being more active”, and be more specific with your goals. Establish a series of measurable, time sensitive objectives to break down your resolution in to several smaller, more manageable bites.

7. Spread the word.

Telling family and friends about your goals will help you be more accountable for your actions, knowing that the people that care about you are watching.

Make this the year that you achieve your New Year’s resolutions, using these winning strategies. When it’s time to switch out the calendar again, you’ll have a whole new reason to celebrate!

Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office
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