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Sustainable Printing: How Managed Print Services Keep You Green

Sustainable Printing: How Managed Print Services Keep You Green

Sustainable Printing: How Managed Print Services Keep You Green

Choosing Sustainable Printing Practices with Managed Print Services

Many of us are focused on finding sustainable everyday solutions to a range of issues, and office printing is no exception. Managed print services can improve an organization’s efficiency through output monitoring and print rules, ultimately reducing spending on excessive printing. In addition to simplifying processes and controlling costs, one of the largest benefits of an effective MPS program is keeping your company green in the long run.

The Challenges of Office Printing

90% of all organizations operate without an Employee Print Policy (EPP). As a result, they fail to effectively monitor usage and control costs, leading to out-of-control office printing – 17% of all printed pages are never used.  Accordingly, one can envision the staggering amount of waste generated by printing alone. Organizations lacking a plan for sustainable printing rely on numerous unsustainable practices—no user restrictions, low cost visibility, multiple vendors, IT resource drain, and no cartridge recycling—which ultimately harm both their business and the environment.

Why Choose MPS?

Choosing MPS is the first step towards establishing a sustainable printing plan for your organization. As you embark on your eco-conscious journey, an MPS provider will conduct a print assessment to identify sustainability opportunities. Their tests will collect fact-based reporting on print volumes, costs, workflows, security risks, and other procedures. With this information, they are able to determine opportunities to cut costs, reduce the number of printed pages, and increase overall efficiency.

For one low monthly fee, an MPS provider will take care of printer hardware, services, and supply restocking to remove the burden of print from employees. Implementing sustainable printing practices yields tangible results—beyond saving your organization money, reducing waste and improving uptime, the world will benefit from your organization’s green initiatives for generations to come.

For more information on our Managed Print Services, please contact an expert at Atlantic. We are committed to empowering your organization with the right tools to succeed in all your printing needs.

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