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Technology Trends to Watch in the Coming Year

Technology Trends to Watch in the Coming Year | Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

Technology Trends to Watch in the Coming Year

2018 seemed to be the year of the data breach. From Facebook, to Under Armour, to Equifax, it seems like we were hearing about a major cyber attack every couple of weeks. While a cyber attack can be hard to predict, and the battle to protect user data will continue, there are some interesting technology trends that we’ll see in 2019 that can help you to grow your business, improve your team’s productivity and keep your business safe and secure in the new year.

Here are three to watch in 2019.

  1. Better Connectivity – As the ranks of remote workers continue to grow, businesses are facing some new challenges. More remote workers mean more devices, and more applications to keep them connected. As remote business grows, connectivity will become more of an issue. In order to protect your business, it’s important to have an IT plan that deals with these challenges. Shadow IT is a real threat and it includes remote workers using unauthorized applications, software and unknown devices. Some applications and tools may be helpful for connectivity but may fall beneath the radar in terms of security. As more apps come into play, IT professionals will need to develop policies and protocols to deal with shadow IT and enforce those policies.
  2. Data Management – With more employees using smartphones, laptops, and tablets every day, data management is a trend to watch in 2019. In fact, it’s been estimated that 90% of all the data created in the world was created in the last two years – and this growth will continue. As 5G rolls out, data speeds and data creation will increase. Automating workflows and implementing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) will be a growing trend in 2019.
  3. Increase Reliance on Managed IT Services – As the skilled labor market continues to shrink, shows no signs of a turnaround, and companies adopt more complex technologies, many companies will look to a third-party provider to supplement and manage their in-house IT as a solution to meet business challenges.

2019 promises to be the year of data – connecting it, managing it and protecting it.  If you’d like to learn more about how to best manage and protect your data this year, contact us at Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office and we’d be pleased to share our solutions that will keep your business running smoothly in 2019.

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