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The Benefits of Managed Print Services, More Than Just Cost Savings!

Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office, The Benefits of Managed Print Services, More Than Just Cost Savings!

The Benefits of Managed Print Services, More Than Just Cost Savings!

One of the top benefits of engaging a Managed Print Services provider is the immediate cost savings you’ll realize. A recent Gartner study found that MPS can provide almost immediate savings of up to 30% on your print-related expenses. An InfoTrends study determined that in paper-intensive industries like Healthcare and Legal the savings are closer to 41%!

While the cost savings are great, there are other benefits Managed Print Services offers that you might not be aware of.  Here are the top three!

  1. MPS Improves Productivity – Many SMBs simply do not have the resources or manpower to devote to print management. The responsibility is often left to an untrained staff member. When problems arise – like running out of toner in the middle of a big project or an equipment breakdown – they can seriously impact productivity. Having an MPS provider removes this burden from your team, freeing their time for core initiatives like growing your business! With regular preventative maintenance and intuitive supply delivery, an MPS provider can improve your print efficiency and virtually eliminate downtime.
  2. MPS Consolidates Spending – Uncoordinated ordering by departments can mean uncontrolled spending and cause you to miss out on volume discounts. A Managed Print Services Provider can help with consolidation of purchasing, providing you with immediate cost benefits as well as budget predictability.
  3. MPS Improves Your Company’s Environmental SustainabilitySustainability and lowering our carbon footprint is something we should all be striving for. An MPS provider can help by right-sizing your company’s print environment. They may suggest replacing older energy-guzzling devices with newer, more energy efficient ones. By adopting print protocols, monitoring and using economy mode you can reduce paper, toner and energy use even more! Used cartridge recycling programs can further reduce your carbon footprint.

While long-term cost-savings is the most obvious benefit of MPS, outsourcing your print management can increase productivity, consolidate spending and significantly improve sustainability.


Want to learn more? Give one of our experienced specialists a call and make an appointment for a for a free no-obligation print assessment. We’ll take a look at your company’s current print environment and offer ways you can start saving today!


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