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The Best Interview Questions for Learning About Your Prospects

The Best Interview Questions for Learning About Your Prospects | Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

The Best Interview Questions for Learning About Your Prospects

Do you ask “curveball” questions to identify the most creative job prospects like – “How would you sell hot chocolate in Florida?” Fortunately for job seekers, recent studies found that these questions are as silly as they sound. In fact, big companies like Google have been phasing them out.

When interviewing job candidates, it’s important to ask questions that can reveal your prospect’s true values and demeanor. Here are a few choice questions for your next job interview.

Tell me about a time you made a mistake. 

An oldie but a goodie! This is the perfect test of self-awareness. A person that takes ownership of mistakes learns from them and is usually mindful and humble. Candidates who blame other should raise a red flag.

A good answer…

A good answer should cover two bases. Admitting to a genuine mistake is the key. If your prospect admits they miscalculated, it’s a good sign.

Tell me about a time you had to set, and meet, a difficult goal.

If you’re looking for a results-driven person, ask this question. It can help you gauge whether they can handle the goals you have set for them. Ask them about their process.

A good answer…

…shows that they understand what a difficult goal is, and that they can maintain a high-quality of work in pursuit of a goal.

Who is the smartest person that you know in real life? Why?

These questions can reveal what a candidate values by having them think about a real person they know and then express what makes this person smart.

A good answer…

Ideal answers should include examples of specific ways their chosen person has met challenges, for example, by thinking several steps ahead, decision making skills, or a desire for learning.

What task would you be happy doing daily for the rest of your career?

While skill is important, hiring someone who will be happy in the job and stick around is crucial. This question can help you uncover what makes a candidate happy at work.

A good answer…

There is really no correct answer, but this question offers a learning opportunity to see what employees enjoy most in your industry. Their answer should align with the core tasks they’re being hired for.

Asking creative questions can uncover a potential hire’s true character. The answers can help you to narrow down the field. Be creative and really listen to their answers.

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