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Three Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from Going Digital

Three Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from Going Digital, Atlantic Tomorrow's Office, NY, NJ, CT, PA

Three Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from Going Digital

It’s hard to ignore the movement towards a paperless workplace. We’re seeing more businesses move their key processes and functions to the cloud. However, if you’re running a small business, it may not be worth it to go digital, right?

Think again.

Here are several ways that the typical small and medium-sized business can benefit from going digital:


Even in a small, thinly-staffed office, employees can greatly benefit from the improved workflows and efficient filing associated with a digital workplace. It’s estimated that employees in paper-intensive workplaces waste at least six hours each week trying to locate documents. However, companies that have made the transition to a digital workplace typically do not have to deal with this loss in productivity.

Remote Access

It’s not uncommon for SMBs to have employees that work remotely. In this scenario, a digital workplace can allow your employees to access files and workflows whether they’re in the office or on the road. Of course, this would need to be done using a secure, cloud-based platform. This allows employees to be more productive and collaborate in new ways.

HR Onboarding

Considering that most small businesses don’t have a large HR staff, a digital workplace can help to speed up critical processes such as onboarding as well as prevent mistakes that can happen due to a harried environment.

Accounts Payable

Converting accounts payable to a digital workflow can provide SMBs with major advantages. For example, with a digital accounts payable workflow, any department can scan an invoice with the push of a button. Not only does a digital accounts payable workflow help to minimize errors, it can also allow you to take better advantage of early payment discounts from vendors. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of respondents reported a good or excellent ROI for going digital with their accounts payable/accounts receivable processes.

Considering the boost in productivity and efficiency that a digital workplace offers to businesses of all sizes, it’s no wonder why this movement is gaining traction. When your employees are able to get their work done faster, that also means they are able to serve customers faster as well.

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