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Tips for Reaching Optimal Printer’s Lifespan

Tips for Reaching Optimal Printer's Lifespan

Tips for Reaching Optimal Printer’s Lifespan

Extend Your Printer Lifespan With These Habits

Printers are a hefty investment; and on top of that, they require a great amount of care to ensure they survive daily use. At Atlantic, we want to help our clients all the benefits of our printing solutions. Here are a few printing best practices to keep your machine in tip-top shape until the end of its printer lifespan.

Keep Up With Updates

A commonly overlooked maintenance practice is software updates. If an update becomes available, it’s in the user’s best interest to download it. Software enhancements often include updated security measures that your printer should not go without. Hackers grow to understand security practices and tend to latch onto vulnerable software. Don’t put your office’s printer at risk by failing to update.

Routine Cleaning

Another great way to elongate your printer’s lifespan is with regular cleanings. Dust, debris, and residual ink can build up in a printer, in turn affecting its performance. Excess material could interfere with the flow of paper, resulting in frequent paper jams. To clean your printer, turn the system off and brush away any accumulated filth.

Place It in a Secure Environment

Printers are a piece of machinery – your office should treat it as such. Don’t place a printer in an area close to vents, radiators, or direct sunlight. Since printers give off some amount of heat, they will not fair near additional heat sources. With that said, do not place your printer near any source of water or in a high-traffic area. Bumps and spills could do some serious damage to your printer.

Use the Proper Cartridges and Toners

That age-old saying, you get out what you put in, stands true for printers too. If you are putting bad quality products and parts into your printer, it will likely deplete the printer lifespan. Replace cartridges and toners with the products recommended by your service provider for optimal printer performance.

Rely on a Managed Print Service

The best way to ensure your machine reaches its maximum printer lifespan is by entrusting a managed print team, like Atlantic. Atlantic will deploy an entire print assessment to gain a complete understanding of your office’s print volumes, patterns, and security risk. We will then actively monitor and maintain your printing hardware to ensure every aspect of your printer stays in pristine condition. Alleviating the burden of print maintenance from an office space allows your team to focus on more important office to-dos.

Atlantic is a dedicated team of service professionals. We continuously work to actively manage and maintain your office systems. When you entrust us with your printing needs, we can guarantee your system will meet its maximum printer lifespan. Feel free to reach out to our team today to learn more about our managed print services.

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