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Top Cyber Security Tips You Should Be Relaying to Employees

Top Cyber Security Tips You Should Be Relaying to Employees

Top Cyber Security Tips You Should Be Relaying to Employees

Is Your Team Aware of These Cyber Security Tips?

While we all expect to trust our internal network of employees, mistakes are inevitable. In fact, human error is one of the leading factors of IT problems in the workplace. Your team can deck its network out with the latest security tactics, but your efforts will only succeed if your entire team is on board. At Atlantic, we ensure our clients are not only protected but also in the know about the latest security protocols. Check out these cyber security tips of which your employees should be aware.

Stay Aware of Unknown Emails

In an office setting, employees are constantly sending and receiving emails. This mundane activity may feel safe and secure, but in reality, a large majority of data breaches are caused by phishing attacks. Inform your team about the dangers of opening emails from unknown senders or clicking on suspicious links. One faulty click could result in your entire network being compromised.

Update Hardware and Software

Opting out of computer and operating system upgrades will seriously hinder your organization’s cyber security – not to mention your productivity. With each system upgrade, new safety precautions are put into place. Just as the IT realm is consistently improving upon its security practices, hackers are also honing their strategies and exposing vulnerabilities. Failing to upgrade your business devices opens up the potential for hackers to pray on your outdated systems.

Password Management

This cyber security tip goes without saying, but employees should always be cognizant of their password privacy – especially in a work setting. The experts at Atlantic suggest that employers require their team to change passwords on a monthly basis. When you are dealing with highly sensitive data, it is wise to monitor and revise your security strategies consistently.

Consistently Train

From the moment you onboard employees, you should verse them in proper security protocol. You’ll want your team to be cognizant right from the get-go. Just keep in mind: once initial training is over, your work doesn’t stop. Consistent training throughout a team member’s employment is key to ensuring your network remains safe. Frequently train and test your employees on cyber security tactics.

Rely On Managed Service

The best cyber security tip we have for your team is to entrust a , like Atlantic. With a managed IT service provider in your corner, any blip in your security system will be promptly addressed, eliminating downtime in the workplace and enhancing the productivity of your team. From employee awareness training and email security to backup and disaster recovery solutions, Atlantic is your one-stop-shop to cyber security solutions.

At Atlantic, we are long-time experts in the IT realm. We understand how technology can streamline the processes of a business and are ready to help your team perform at its highest potential. If your organization is falling short on any of the above cyber security tips, take the opportunity to reach out to an expert at Atlantic.

James LaPenna
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