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You’ve got the desire and talent. Let’s add the skills you need to win.

Atlantic's Sales Training System

Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office is proud to provide the industry’s most comprehensive sales training platform! Customized for the technology sales professional, this program features several learning topics and engaging on-demand video modules hosted by award winning sales performance coach Rick Lambert.

LinkedIn Training Now Available

LinkedIn to Win

7 Easy Steps to Creating a Professional Sales Profile

  • Social Selling Stats & Facts
  • Why LinkedIn?
  • Common Sales Profile Mistakes
  • 7 Easy Steps to quickly supercharge your profile
  • Do’s & Don’ts pro tips

Prospecting Strategies

  • How to Identify Prospects
  • Contact Strategies & Templates
  • Network Expansion Pro Tips

Managed IT Training Now Available

Selling Managed IT to Win

Help customers simplify their IT challenges!

Field proven ideas to identify, engage and qualify potential customers that need Atlantic’s portfolio of Managed IT services!

Course Breakdown

The Need for Managed IT

  • The Evolution of Office Technology
  • The Business Need for Managed IT Services
  • Interview With CIO

Prospecting Strategies

  • How to Identify IT Decision Makers
  • Engagement Strategies – Phone, Email & Social
  • Live Demonstrations With Coaching

Sales Call Effectiveness

  • Pre-call Planning
  • Power Questions to Uncover Pain & Qualify Opportunities
  • How to Gain Commitment to Next Steps

Handling Resistance

  • Objection Handling Template
  • Pro Responses to Common IT Objections
  • Role Play Demonstrations

Qualifying Opportunities & Engaging Your Solutions Specialist

  • Qualifying Questions to Ask
  • Red Flags to Be Aware of
  • Best Practices to Introduce Your IT Specialist
  • Role Play Demonstrations

Business to Business Training Now Available

Selling Business to Business to Win

Training Course Includes:

Are You Ready To Sell?– Take our sales readiness self-assessment.
Power Prospecting– Powerful phone, email and social engagement strategies.
High-Gain Questions– Learn when, why and how to ask high-gain questions.
The Ultimate Sales Call– See how to prepare and maximize your effectiveness.
Objection Handling– How to overcome common resistance with pro responses.
Presentation Skills– Pro tips for delivering an effective presentation.
Qualifying Opportunities– Let’s make sure you’re focusing on real opportunities.
Proposal Pro Tips– Discover how to make your proposal more compelling.
Negotiating Best Practices– Proven techniques to protect your margin.
Gaining Commitment– Best practices to secure the business.

Coming Soon

Selling Managed Print to Win

Let’s reboot your MPS potential!

Get the latest sales insights and best practices to create more sales opportunities by helping customers convert unmanaged pages into a managed print program!

Course Breakdown

Training Course Includes:

The Business Case For MPS – The compelling need for Managed Print.
Prospecting for MPS Opportunities – Prioritize accounts & book MPS appointments.
Vertical Market Selling Strategies -Industry pain points to create MPS opportunities.
Top 7 MPS Sales Mistakes – How to identify and avoid common MPS sales cycle pitfalls!
Handling MPS Objections – Pro responses to real world MPS resistance.
TCO Calculation Strategies – Data collection strategies to maximize your MPS profits.
Presenting Your MPS Proposal – How to prepare & present to maximize your success.
Effective Quarterly Business Reviews – Best practices to grow pages under contract!


Who should I ask about how our team is rolling out the training?

Ask your manager.

If I am watching a video and stop, will the system remember where I am when I come back later?

Yes, each learner has your own learning path and the system will remember where you left off.

Can I go ahead of my team and view other courses?

Yes – you can set your own pace for learning!

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes, upon successful completion of all course quizzes, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you!

Is this sales skills training or product knowledge training?

100% sales skills focused.