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When It Comes to Security, Don’t Overlook Your Printer!

When It Comes to Security, Don't Overlook Your Printer!, Atlantic Tomorrow's Office, NY, NJ, CT, PA

When It Comes to Security, Don’t Overlook Your Printer!

It seems like every day we’re hearing about another corporate data breach. Every device that accesses your network puts your data at risk and in today’s BYOD (bring your own device) world you need to protect everything from mobile devices to your networked printers.

If your print environment isn’t protected at the same level as the rest of your network, you are at risk. A recent survey found that while 85% of companies understand the importance of security, only 59% of them feel printer security is important. This is a major disconnect and the reason why hackers often target networked printers.

By the Numbers

The same survey of IT managers found that 53% say their printers are vulnerable and 39% have little confidence in their ability to secure their printers.

Security is worth the cost. A secured printer has six times fewer breaches then an unprotected one. A comprehensive security program can reduce staff time spent supporting your print environment by up to 50%.

Five Steps to a Secure Printer

Here are five steps you can take now to secure your networked printers. They are:

  • Encryption – Encrypt data at the source before printing.
  • Erase – Periodically erase all data from your printer’s hard drive.
  • ControlPull-printing requires a PIN number or other control to release a print job at the device increasing security and reducing the number of unclaimed jobs.
  • Update – Keep firmware and security updates current and confirmed as legitimate.
  • Manage – Use software to manage devices, access, and security compliance.

Leaving your printer unprotected is like leaving the back door unlocked. Keep your printer security at the same level as the rest of your network to prevent cyberattacks. Want to learn more? Give an Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office representative a call today and let us show you how to keep your network safe and secure.

Protecting your company is more essential than ever! To keep your business safe from from cyber threats, click here for our free guide to preventing ransomeware where you’ll find surprising ransomware stats and facts, best practices for prevention and steps for recovery if you’ve been affected.

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