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When Training Your Security Team, Incorporate These Best Practices!

When Training Your Security Team, Incorporate These Best Practices!

When it comes to data security, security professionals have a saying, “Your security team has to win every time, the hacker only needs to win once!” No matter how much you’ve spent on the latest security measures, you’re always one bad click away from a problem. The most effective way to significantly reduce your risks lies with your people. Educating and making your team aware of the dangers and regular “what-if” training are absolutely the best ways to lower risk.

There are many ineffective ways of training your team – like break room briefings, or short instructional videos that your team “half-watches” while checking their email. Let’s look at some of the best practices for training your team to create the “human firewall” needed to really block hackers and cybercriminals… and keep your company out of the headlines!

Best Practice 1: Choose A Comprehensive Program

Most security awareness programs are basic, and while they may include some sensible actions, they’re far from comprehensive. What is often missing is the awareness of the
depth of risk faced and that the entire organization needs to be committed for any program to work. The point of this best practice is to train your team to understand the scale of risk and the resources and dedication required to defend against it.

Best Practice 2: Develop a Coordinated Approach

Annual training isn’t enough. It must be combined with real-time simulated attack training. On their own, both of these methods are less effective. Combining the two can give your team an opportunity to put their training into action. Create a platform that combines education with simulation training.

Best Practice 3: Get Upper Management and IT Buy In

To be effective, any training program must have top down support. Brief executives and upper level management before training begins. Briefings should encourage management to apply the resources necessary but shouldn’t end there. Gain support from HR, Legal and Unions where applicable. Make sure that any program includes making upper level management aware of the seriousness of risk and the importance of ongoing training and monitoring to determine effectiveness.

Security is everyone’s concern from the top down. If you’d like to learn more about creating a comprehensive training program that is effective, get in touch with an Atlantic Representative. We’ve partnered with KnowBe4 to offer leading-edge integrated Security Awareness Training Programs to keep your business safe!



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