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Why Network Perimeter Security is No Longer Enough

Why Network Perimeter Security is No Longer Enough

Why Network Perimeter Security is No Longer Enough

Add an Extra Level of Protection Over Your Network Perimeter Security

As technology has evolved over the years, so has cybercrime. Now more than ever, organizations need to stay vigilant with their security measures. Many organizations have been focusing their defenses on network perimeter security in order to prevent unauthorized access. However, few organizations monitor their internal network for vulnerabilities. Managed dedication is absolutely crucial for tech-based organizations of today.

Protection Without Prevention

When companies rely solely on network perimeter security measures, they are failing to invest in combating the most crucial security issues. Perimeter security attempts to put a barrier between your organization’s network and the hacker. While this level of protection is not futile, it will never be enough. Network perimeter security measures play no part in identifying where vulnerabilities lie, nor do they offer solution-based initiatives in the event of an attack. Protection without prevention will leave your organization’s network at high risk for cybercrime.

Managed Service Solution

In this digital age, you can never be too secure. A managed IT service will monitor the entire health of your network to identify any vulnerabilities that lay hidden from plain sight. Atlantic does just this for our valued clients. When a threat is detected, we can neutralize the vulnerabilities before they have a chance to damage your entire network. Don’t just barricade the hackers – take responsive action.

On top of that, managed IT services provide an added level of security and risk mitigation by backing up your network and all of its associated data. The best security comes with several layers of protection. Atlantic makes it immensely difficult for hackers to break through your system. But if the unthinkable does occur, and your network ceases to run properly, we have a solution to that as well. Through personalized, hybrid backup solutions, Atlantic redundantly backs up a snapshot of your entire system, facility disaster recovery and business continuity. While we work on addressing the cybercrime at hand, your team will experience minimal downtime to keep your organization running.

A managed service provider like Atlantic has the ability to provide 24/7 monitoring and support. Don’t jeopardize the health of your network by failing to implement proper security measures. Network perimeter security is no longer enough. Talk to a team member at Atlantic to learn more about our expert managed services.

James LaPenna
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