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Why Your Business Needs Unified Communications

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Why Your Business Needs Unified Communications

Whether it’s the way we learn, shop, entertain ourselves, or work, these uncertain times have changed the way we live. Work is no longer where we go; it’s a part of our lives that we need to be able to do regardless of our location.

The heart of remote work is a business’s communication and collaboration systems. Remote workers need access to messaging, video conferencing, and telephone to stay connected with colleagues and clients whenever they need to, from where ever they are.

A Unified Communications solution allows users to have access to a range of communications options. The integration of features within the same tool means users can move seamlessly within a common interface. The Covid-19 pandemic has made Unified Communications a business essential.

Here are five key benefits you’ll enjoy with Unified Communications.

  • UC is Manageable and Efficient – A UC solution offers a single unified platform connecting your entire staff and all of your devices. It streamlines everything into a single phone number that works across all devices. Optimization features offer access to all of your contact info in one place keeping your office efficient.
  • UC is Secure – A UC solution turns audio signals into digital packets, which are then delivered through an encrypted Internet connection, increasing security. This applies to phone, email, and text. A UC solution ensures that your information remains safe and secure.
  • Lower Costs – Scalable Solutions – A cloud-based UC solution can start at the size and price you can afford. As your business grows, you can scale your service to meet your needs.
  • It Saves Time – Along with cost savings, a Unified Communications solution offers advanced features that will cut down on time spent communicating. Because all devices are connected across your network, you can answer and transfer calls to any connected hardware in or out of the office.
  • Easier, Improved Collaboration – Today’s UC platforms allow you to host a conference on-demand and on the fly whether via phone, video, or the web. It doesn’t matter where your team or clients are located, they can connect, collaborate, and share ideas in real-time.

With a Unified Communications solution, you’ll be able to adjust to the “new normal,” whatever it might be. Ready to learn more? Contact us and let us show you the benefits of Unified Communications for your business!



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