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Today, more businesses are transitioning from paper to digital. However, many companies still rely on paper for critical operations like governance, and day-to-day management. For some, it might difficult to let go of their reliance on paper, but there are many benefits to digitization, particularly if your business is in the medical, legal, or financial industries.

The fact is, no matter what industry your business is in, you will benefit from digitization. Implementing a digital document management system can change how you do business!

Here are several reasons why it’s time to digitize.

  • Cost Savings – Paper has many hidden, and not so hidden costs associated with processing, organizing, and storing documents. Electronic files are easier to store, easier to search, cheaper to transport and take up much less physical space.
  • Digitization Improves Productivity and Process Efficiencies – Digitizing your documents can improve productivity and efficiency in several important ways. Digital documents improve response times when dealing with customers leading to a more positive customer experience. They also simplify collaboration and are easier to search, find, and organize which can streamline your operations and save time.
  • Digitization Saves Physical Space – Filing cabinets take up a lot of real estate in the office. According to The Schedule, storing paper records in a typical 4-drawer file cabinet can cost over $2000. However, some paper documents may need to be saved in their original form. Speak with your attorney or accountant to clarify.
  • It’s Environmentally Friendlier – The average office worker prints 10,000 documents every year. When you digitize, you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Regulatory Compliance is Easier – There are many regulations for different industries requiring record-keeping. Going digital can make it easier to meet compliance. It is easier to secure sensitive information and you’re less likely to lose or misplace files when they’re digitally backed up.

Going digital can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! At Atlantic we can merge your paper-based information into digital workflows so you can enjoy simplified retrieval, faster search, increased security and reduced storage. Call us today and let us show you how easy, productive, and affordable it is to take your document management digital.


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