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Endpoint Security

Prevent Security Threats on Network Devices

Why Endpoint Security?

An endpoint is any device including laptops, desktops, smartphone, tablets, servers, and virtual environments that connects to the corporate network from outside its firewall.

Endpoint security is the process of providing protection to those devices with the ultimate aim of protecting the network and an organization’s data. Endpoint security should be a critical part of an organization’s overall security posture because devices that are outside a well-protected, internal network create pathways for attackers to bypass standard controls.

Although Endpoint Security services may include antivirus, antimalware and web filtering solutions, it differs from traditional security in that it must happen in real-time across many endpoints, geographic regions, and bandwidths.

Endpoint Security helps businesses keep critical systems, intellectual property, customer data, employees, and guests safe from ransomware, phishing, malware, crypto-threats and other modern threats.

The Challenge

Endpoints may be the weakest link in network security.

Every remote endpoint can be the entry point for an attack, and the number of endpoints is only increasing as the number of remote workers and IoT devices grows

The rise in endpoints is largely due to the increasing numbers of employees who work offsite and need to access the network, as well as the different devices being used and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Top Endpoint Threats That Organizations Struggle With
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Unpatched Vulnerabilities
  • Malvertising
  • Drive-By Downloads
  • Data Loss and Theft

The Solution

Cloud-based Endpoint Security – Stronger than antivirus

Endpoint Security protects endpoints from being breached – no matter if they are physical or virtual, on- or off-premise, in data centers or in the Cloud.

Powered by world-class threat intelligence

Endpoint Security is a next-generation, fully cloud-based endpoint security solution that harnesses the power of machine learning to process vetted threat data sourced globally and uses it to continuously monitor and adapt endpoint threat detection, protection, and prevention in real-time.

Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office’s Endpoint Security offers a faster and significantly more effective alternative to traditional business antivirus solutions.

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

    Fully cloud-based driven endpoint security solution.
  • Hassle-free deployment

    Small software agent won’t conflict with existing security software or impact user productivity.
  • User transparency and low system overheads

    Real-time heavy processing associated with machine learning and malware discovery is performed in the cloud, not on the client device.
  • Innovative technology

    In cases of brand-new, never-before-seen malware, endpoint protection will journal the file’s activities and undo its changes to local drives, once it’s determined to be malware.
  • Secure and resilient distributed cloud architecture

    Multiple secure global data centers to support customers and roaming users globally with full-service resilience and redundancy.
  • Malware detection, prevention, and protection

    Prevent viruses, malware, Trojans, phishing, ransomware, spyware, browser-based attacks, cryptojacking, credential-stealing malware, and wide range of other endpoint threats.
  • Multi OS, virtualization, terminal server, and Citrix support

    Endpoint Protection supports MacOS® devices, Windows® computers and servers, as well as virtualization, terminal server, and Citrix environments.
  • On- and offline protection and auto-remediation

    Monitor, journal, and contain potential infections, even when a given endpoint is offline.
  • Infrared dynamic risk prevention

    Analyze individual user behavior to dynamically tailor malware prevention.
  • Multi-shield protection

    Endpoint Protection includes predictive protection against zero-day threats: Real-Time, Behavior, Core System, Web Threat, Identity, Phishing, and Offline.
  • User Identity and Privacy

    Identity shield component in Endpoint Protection is trusted by the world’s leading banks to stop online banking related attacks, including DNS poisoning, keystroke logging, screen grabbing, cookie scraping, clipboard grabbing, and browser and session hijacking by malicious software.
  • White- and blacklisting

    Admins have direct control over which applications are allowed to execute.
  • Layered user and device defenses

    Stop attacks that take advantage of poor user awareness, not just those that target device vulnerabilities.
  • Intelligent firewall

    The system-monitoring and application-aware outbound firewall augments the built-in Windows® firewall to protect users both on and off the corporate network.
  • Powerful heuristics

    Admins can adjust these based on risk tolerance for file execution.
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The Results

Endpoint Security delivers advanced detection, protection, and prevention against the ever-increasing number of attacks that small- to medium-sized businesses face.

  • Highly automated and effective solution
  • Businesses no longer need dedicated security resources or teams of experts on hand to stay safe
  • Fewer infections and security-related incidents
  • Fewer remediation cases and productivity losses

Businesses can finally focus on what matters most: growing profitably.

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