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Ready for the Remote Workplace?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to rethink their business processes, how information is shared and how they prevent a security breach.

Let’s Create a Remote Technology Strategy

The sudden shift to a remote workforce requires new tools, new resources and new thinking.

Atlantic provides a full complement of business class products and technology services to better equip your staff working from home.

Together we can help your people stay productive, secure their remote workplace and control your technology related expenses.

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of companies reported an increase in cyberattacks since enabling remote working.

- Threat Post


of C-level executives believe that the risk of a data breach is higher when employees work remotely.

- Shred-It


of remote workers handle financial information.

- Security Magazine

Remote Office Equipment

Provide your people with the business technology required to “Work From Home.”

  • Mobile Workstation – Laptops, desktops and more
  • Collaboration Tools – For teamwork & communication
  • Softphone – Virtual Communication Mediums
  • Multifunction Devices – Ready to scan, print, copy & fax
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Remote Workplace Data Security

Prevent confidential data breaches caused by inadequate security protection.

  • Malware Protection – Avoid Ransomware & Data Threats
  • Secure Network Access – Prevent unsecure visitors
  • Digital Rights Management – Control your digital assets
  • Data Loss Prevention – Ensure proper backups
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Remote Workplace Productivity

Ensure uninterrupted performance with the right work from home technologies.

  • Electronic Fax (eFax) – Secure and efficient
  • File Conversion – Work in the formats you want
  • Electronic Signature – Provide approval digitally
  • Cloud Storage – Limitless file storage & sharing
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Remote Document Management

Replace manual processes with digital documents and workflow automation.

  • Workflow Process Approval – Accelerate, automate, and simplify
  • Secure Document Archiving – Protect, organize and access quicker
  • Day-Forward Scanning – Create a starting point to eliminate paper filing systems
  • Digital File Room – Establish a digital library for your documents
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Need a Remote Workplace Strategy?

We are ready when you are. Contact us today for an information sharing session on your remote worker needs and how you may be able to leverage our experience and our Remote Worker Services.