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If yours is like many businesses, you’re working with a variety of communication services. These may have come from different vendors, and may have solved your needs at the moment, but as a system may not be a cohesive and efficient solution. UCaaS (unified communications as a service) not only streamlines business communications, allows employees to work from anywhere and businesses to scale up or down easily, it also provides vendor consolidation.

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What is UCaaS?

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. It combines all of your communications needs into a single cloud-based solution, including:

  • Telephone services
  • Video and voice conferencing
  • Unified email, SMS, and fax
  • Instant messaging
  • Integration for mobility
  • Applications enabled with communications services

UCaaS is hosted by the provider. It offers a high level of availability, flexibility, scalability and greater cost savings because users don’t have to invest in the cost of deploying their own UC.

Compatibility and Efficiency

When you use solutions from a variety of vendors, you’re likely to face incompatibility issues. It takes time to develop workarounds and they can cause inefficiencies in your system. Using multiple vendors can also put a strain on your IT team, as when problems arise they have to troubleshoot with a variety of programs and systems.

With UCaaS, those problems disappear. It brings you a unified solution that is fully compatible, improving the efficiency and quality of your communications. At the same time, your IT team will be dealing with a single point of contact for all your communications troubleshooting, making any problems that arise faster and easier to resolve.

While it may have made sense at the time to procure your communication solutions ad-hoc, having multiple vendors and programs for your communications is slowing you down and costing you money. Just think how easy it could be if you had one invoice to deal with and one person to talk to when something went wrong.

A UCaaS solution can change the way your business handles its communications challenges, simplify troubleshooting for your IT team, and improve communications across your business, all while saving you money. Talk to us about our solutions for your team!


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