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Are you considering adding a new copier to your fleet? Here are some of the latest features to consider when purchasing or leasing a new machine.

Secure Print Release

When many employees share a single printer or copier, documents can get lost in the shuffle. With secure print release, users send their job to the device, and it will hold the document in check until the user authenticates it with an ID card, PIN code or other identifier keeping data safe and secure.

Built-In Security

In the old days, no one worried about the copier as a potential security risk. Today’s copiers are like any other networked device, and as such, need the same level of security as any other device on your network. Look for copiers with built-in security functions like firmware attack prevention and self-recovery, safe listing features, and data overwriting.

Automatic Toner Replacement

When you run out of toner, you are effectively out of business until you replace it. With automatic toner replenishment, your networked copier can run a simple app that sends information to your service provider. When the toner level reaches a specified threshold, toner is automatically shipped to you.

Scan to Email/Scan to File

Digital files that are easy to share, email, and collaborate on are used in offices every single day. Today’s copiers allow you to scan documents and email them to other users right from the copier in different file formats or save them directly into file folders.

Mobile Printing

Tablets and advanced smartphones are a part of our workday. Today’s work-anywhere mindset has grown, and printing from your mobile device is a critical need. Having a mobile print solution can keep your team productive from anywhere!

Auto Duplex, Collate and Staple: Finishing Functions

Today’s copiers offer a host of features that can improve productivity and produce professional collateral material. With features like auto duplexing, collating, stapling multi-page documents, and finishing functions like three-hole punching options you can create polished and professional-looking documents.

These features can help to save time, increase productivity, and keep your data and network safe. We’re all looking for ways to improve efficiency and today’s newest copier technology is ready to help us do exactly that!

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