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The office copier is easy to take it for granted when it’s running smoothly, but when it starts requiring frequent maintenance or stops working entirely, it can cause work to come to a grinding halt. Or, if you’re using older technology, you could be missing out on some important features that can protect your data and reduce energy usage.

Here are 6 tips to know when it’s time to upgrade your copier:

1. Outdated Security Features: Hackers often use unsecured copiers as a weak point to infiltrate a network. If you are using an older copier with limited security, consider acquiring a newer model with the latest features, including password protection, hard drive encryption, and the most recent network security protocols.

2. Difficulty Finding Spares: Many businesses try to save money by replacing the worn-out parts in their current copier instead of investing in a new one. But what if there comes a point when you can’t find those parts? Manufacturers typically offer replacement parts for several years after the copier is made, but as new copier models come out, they stop producing parts for the old ones. Replacing the copier is the best alternative when finding the parts become tricky.

3. It’s Always Breaking Down: Are you on a first name basis with your copier repair tech? Over time as copiers age, costly breakdowns become more common. The cost of repairing your machine can sometimes be pricier than replacing it.

4. Limited Capabilities: Technology is constantly evolving, and copier models have changed significantly as well. If you have an old copier with limited functionality and it doesn’t work well with modern print drivers or operating systems, it might be time for a new one.

5. Your Business Needs Have Changed: If your business has grown or contracted over the last few years, it may be time to determine if your copier is really meeting your needs. There are different copiers for varying amounts of usage. If your copier is under- or overused, it increases your chance of running into problems.

6. They Are Hard on the Environment: Today’s newer copiers create less waste and use much less power than machines made just a few years ago.

Is it Time?

If you recognize any of these signs, it could be time for a new office copier. Don’t be hesitant to explore your options when it comes to upgrading to a new copy machine. There are many different options available that will fit your needs, make it easier for your employees and will grow with your business.

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