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Today the digital world is fraught with risk. It is no longer only large companies that are threatened. Bad actors attack businesses of every size across every industrial sector from finance to education to healthcare. In fact, small to medium-sized businesses are frequently targeted precisely because they most likely don’t have the budget to mount a robust defense. It’s more important than ever before to understand the risks and create a strategy for protecting your data.

A great way to see where you are currently, identify gaps in your security, and discover solutions to better protect your company’s sensitive data is by undertaking an IT Risk Assessment.

What is an IT Risk Assessment?

The goal of an IT Risk Assessment is to identify where your security strategy stands and pinpoint gaps in your plan. When you partner with a Managed IT Services provider the relationship typically begins with such an assessment. They will look at the current state of your IT environment and give you with a fact-based assessment that includes their observations and offer suggestions you can use to benchmark your current infrastructure with similar businesses.

An IT Risk Assessment examines:

  • Disaster Recovery Readiness
  • Recovery Time Predictability
  • Current Systems in Place for Critical Data Backup for Business Continuity
  • Infrastructure Redundancy
  • Device and Network Capabilities
  • Change Management Preparation
  • Security Protection

After they get to know you and your business, they will take the data gathered and present you with a fact-based report with their findings and suggestions for ways to improve your company’s data security. In the report, you’ll receive:

  • Defined Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Business Continuity Ideas
  • Automated Backup Opportunities
  • Latest Critical Data Recovery Plan
  • Governance and Compliance Suggestions
  • Complete Client Confidence Assurance

When you partner with a Managed IT provider, they will work closely with you to create a customized solution to seal any gaps in your current data security and move forward to implement a strategy that can help you protect your business.

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