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Each year, schools welcome groups of new students; each of them generating a wide range of documents like applications, admission forms, report cards, attendance and behavioral records, plus curriculum and financial aid documents to name just a few. Each of these documents needs to be processed, properly filed, and easily retrievable.

This is where the benefits of a Document Management System (DMS) can really help! A DMS can help free teachers, assistants and administrative staff from the continuous process of filling out and keeping track of documents, as well as communicating information to staff.

In an educational institution there is often overlap as well. For example, attendance not only affects the classroom but also impacts everything from lunchroom management to state and federal budget allocations. A document management system not only makes information easily accessible to those that need it, but also makes it safer when stored offsite on the cloud.

Some Major Benefits of Document Management

Security of both your network and students is a major concern for every school, especially when it comes to student records and confidential information. This is just one benefit you’ll enjoy with a DMS. Other benefits include:

  • Eliminate Data Silos – Information stored in a data silo can be detrimental. A good DMS and workflow software can make the reintegration of this data possible.
  • Improve Accessibility – Electronically scanned and stored in the cloud, data becomes accessible 24/7/365. In addition, this improves collaborative efforts, communication, and guarantees access in the event of loss or damage of paper information.
  • Save Time and Money – With enhanced search and organization, a DMS can help when completing reports, gathering compliance info, or locating data records. The system improves efficiency by streamlining and automating everyday tasks. With reduced documentation errors, staff can accomplish more in less time.
  • High Transparency – As each action is tracked and recorded, data security is ensured. When logging in, users are required to enter a unique password to gain access which is then logged by date, time, and action.

While today there is more pressure on institutions than ever before to manage documents that are being created faster than ever, a document management solution offers these and many other benefits.

We’re proud to have been chosen to help hundreds of K through 12 and post-secondary colleges and universities. Let us help you reduce your budget, improve educator satisfaction and productivity, and deliver a quality experience for your students within budget!

Are you ready to learn more? Give us a call today and let us show you the benefits a document management system will bring to your school, college or university!




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