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Education Services

Industry-specific products and services to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Education Challenges We Solve:

Document Challenges

  • Unpredictable Budgets
  • Uncontrolled Printing
  • Paper to Digital Documents
  • Avoidable Waste
  • Student Information Confidentiality
  • Archiving Student Records
  • Accurate Charge Back
  • Waste Reduction & Recycling
  • Downtime at Peak Usage Periods

Technology Challenges

  • Computer Hardware Support
  • Network Performance
  • Software Upgrades
  • Lack of IT Resources
  • Student Testing
  • Disaster Recovery & Continuity
  • Cloud Integration
  • Security Threats
  • Mobile Integration

Improve the Learning Experience for Students with Technology Products and Services.

Reduced funding, enrollment fluctuations and changing requirements to support the “new learner” are just a few of the challenges we hear most often from the educators we serve. Traditional models of delivering curriculum are evolving and the need to do more with less in schools today has become the norm.

As the vendor of choice for hundreds of K through 12 and post-secondary colleges and universities, we understand your unique requirements. Our experience in the education industry has taught us best practices and efficiencies you too can leverage to deliver a quality experience for your students effectively and within budget.

Popular Services for Education

Together we can help you optimize what you’re currently spending on printing, document management and technology infrastructure. With our value driven approach that leverages affordable best of breed technology solutions, you’ll be able to deliver more value for your staff and the students you teach.

How We Help Educational Organizations

  • Expense Reduction
  • Budget Predictability
  • Technology Availability
  • Student Record Security
  • Student Testing Solutions
  • Improved Educator Productivity
  • Waste Reduction
  • Environmental Recycling Programs
  • Student Grants and Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re proud of the business relationships we’ve formed with many educators throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware Valley, greater Philadelphia and Lancaster Region.  Schools, universities and other education providers now utilize our exclusive portfolio of IT Services, Document Management Services and our Managed Print Services. Together we can help you reduce costs and become more productive than you are today.

Interested in taking the next step? We’d like the opportunity to speak with you about opportunities for your organization and our technology assessment and print assessment services to help you understand where the biggest opportunities exist.

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