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Today we’re living in a digital world. We check email on our phones, read novels on our tablets, order groceries online, stream entertainment on demand, and use our laptops for work. Yet, organizations continue to use a lot of paper every day. Not only is this increasingly bad for the environment, but it can cause significant delays, inefficiencies and open us up to risks.

Moving away from paper-based processes and toward a digital solution makes sense for any business in just about any industry. In this post, we will take a look at outdated paper processes and how you can digitize documents for your business.

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Here are four tips for eliminating paper-based processes from your day-to-day operation.

The Pitfalls of Paper

Paper-based processes come with several significant downsides. Several common issues can impact your business negatively. They include:

  • Security Risks – Paper can be easily lost, damaged, or stolen. This can create problems like unfilled customer orders, leading to a damaged reputation, not to mention lost revenue. If sensitive information is not stored securely, you run the risk of data leaks. This can lead to compliance issues down the line!
  • Paper is Expensive – Processing paper documents can be surprisingly expensive, from creating documents to storage and retrieval, resulting in higher overall costs. When your team is focused on paper, they have less energy to devote to higher priority tasks.
  • Information is Locked on Paper – When critical information is stored on paper, it can become inaccessible due to damage or misfiling resulting in lost opportunities, making it harder to grow your business.
  • Inefficiency – Paper-based processes take time. When there are delays gathering information, it becomes more difficult to make timely and strategic decisions or pivot and respond to changes in the marketplace. To be successful and relevant in today’s challenging business climate, you must remain on the cutting edge.

The Benefits of Digitization

Digitizing your documents and workflows offers several benefits. Not only will a digital document management system improve efficiencies and streamline workflows, it will also save you money. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you digitize paper processes:

  • Eliminate Errors – With digital forms, you can eliminate manual errors like improperly reading information or forgetting a step in a workflow. Digital processes allow you to put rules in place ensuring that the correct information is automatically put into the right place and saved, or confirm that safety procedures are carried out.
  • Quick and Efficient Access to Data  – Data collected through digital forms can be quickly distributed through multiple systems and processes. Data can be accessed and acted upon almost immediately, leading to faster order execution, better customer service, and rapid decision-making.
  • Version and Document Control – Digitizing processes allow you to use rules-based routing to ensure that the right information is directed to the right person at the right time. Intelligent document versioning makes sure that only the latest material is made visible.
  • Better Security – When you create digital documents and processes you can ensure that access is limited only to those who need to view secure information. Data security is a top priority today and intelligently managing access can reduce compliance issues.
  • Cost Savings – Digitization streamlines workflows and reduces the resources needed to maintain longer processes. As a result, budgets can be redirected to other areas of the business with a higher ROI.
  • Improved Visibility – Data that is collected digitally, whether through a form or mobile application can be resurfaced through reporting tools. This can help you make informed decisions faster, based on accurate information!

Eliminating paper processes and workflows comes with a host of benefits including the reduction of your carbon footprint and producing less waste. With digital processes, your data is searchable and accessible to anyone who needs access from anywhere, at any time. Digitization will improve security, boost productivity and lower costs while streamlining processes and improving efficiencies.

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