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Business “Must-Haves” For 2021

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Business “Must-Haves” For 2021

COVID-19 has changed business and the global economy in ways we could have never anticipated. The pandemic has forced us to consider a different future as we reset our businesses, not only because of the coronavirus but because technological advances demand it!

Here are our four, top business “must-haves” as we enter the new year!

The Cloud

Today, data is king and its effective management and security are critical to business operations. Data enables people to do their jobs effectively and COVID-19 has shown us all that businesses need platforms that allow data to be easily and safely accessed and shared. 

The process begins with digitization and workflow automation. And in a world where the new normal is increasingly dynamic, the cloud is the key. A recent IDC study determined that cloud adoption is set to rise 15-20% within the next six months.

Digital Transformation

A Forbes article from 2019 suggested that 70% of organizations had a digital transformation strategy in place. Then 2020 arrived and it became apparent that this was optimistic, especially as companies struggled to pivot to remote work. In 2021 digital transformation should be considered a key corporate objective.

Rethinking Management 

Technology is important, but as remote work becomes commonplace and increasingly dynamic, how we define performance has to change. Moving toward an “outcome-oriented” management style will enable employees to achieve results in ways that are personally effective for them. 2021 will show that having the right technology is only part of the challenge; engagement, corporate culture, and how we lead will be paramount to support business success.

Be Smart About Technology and Partnerships

Choosing the right partner to work with is critical to leveraging the expertise you need to excel. When businesses partner with a technology expert they can quickly capitalize on current trends to be prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Are you ready for the challenges you’ll face in 2021? Call today, and let us show you how we can help you navigate the new normal. 

James LaPenna
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