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Do You Have an Accurate Picture of Your Organization’s Printing Costs?

Do You Have an Accurate Picture of Your Organization's Printing Costs?, Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

Do You Have an Accurate Picture of Your Organization’s Printing Costs?

Did you know that 90 percent of companies aren’t aware of how much they’re spending on their print environments? What’s even more alarming about this statistic is that printing is typically the third largest operating expense (behind rent and payroll). When a print environment is left unmanaged, it often leads to out-of-control printing volumes and costs.

Here are some key reasons why it may be time to re-think the way you approach your print environment:

The typical employee prints 10,000 pages each year with an average annual cost of $725.

If you take into account the number of employees within your organization, these costs can add up quickly. Putting usage restrictions in place and implementing policies that include such measures as double-sided printing, can help cut down on the amount of paper used, leading to cost savings.

Many organizations don’t require formal approval for the procurement of printing supplies. 

Research shows that 37 to 41 percent of print-related expenses do not require a formal approval for purchase. Giving employees the ability to purchase print-related supplies at their discretion is just asking for print expenses to skyrocket. A Managed Print Services provider can help put a solution in place that will help give your organization control over these costs that have historically been unpredictable.

Nearly half of IT desk calls are due to print-related issues.

A study revealed that 40 to 60 percent of IT calls are for print-related questions, which not only bogs down the time of IT professionals, it drives up costs. Many of these issues could be quickly and easily handled by a Managed Print Services provider.

If you don’t have proper oversight of your print environment, you’re probably spending too much. Contact us for a free assessment of your print environment and learn about the benefits and significant cost savings a Managed Print Services solution can offer your business.



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