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Top Challenges Small Businesses Face in 2017

Top Challenges Small Businesses Face in 2017, Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

Top Challenges Small Businesses Face in 2017

As a small business owner, you must wear many hats. From marketing to sales, to brand development you have plenty of responsibilities. So, what challenges are keeping you awake at night?

In our experience, here are three we commonly hear about:

The Shift Towards Mobile

Today, when we work remotely we expect connectivity, anytime, anyplace we choose. The rise in BYOD (bring your own device), telecommuting, and mobile sales is keeping business owners awake as they work to implement mobile strategies. Whether you’re working from home, the road, or the office we all expect easy access to emails, documents and conference calls.

Security and Safety First

Almost every day we hear about another major data breach. Security is top of mind for every SMB owner. Studies show that 46% of companies do not include multifunction printers (MFPs) in their security strategy, yet printers and MFPs are the most common source of breach. Here are some other top threats to digital security.

  • Securing Your Network – Hackers can enter through printers, tablets or even smartphones. Proper networks security means covering ALL devices with network access.
  • Device Security – Open access devices like MFPs can be a huge security threat. Restrict access to protect information. Public device access is an open door for cyber criminals.
  • Data Security – Keeping data safe through encryption as it passes to, from and through devices help not only to protect confidential information, it helps maintain compliance with industry or governmental regulations.
  • Document Security – Uncontrolled hardcopy and digital documents are a threat. Make sure documents are received and viewed only by the intended recipient.

The Transformation to Digital Workflows

The digital world has transformed how we connect and do business in every industry. Adapting to these changes can be complicated. More than 80% of businesses in a recent survey stated they want to transition to digital workflows within the next year. The question is where to begin. As SMBs embark on this journey, it’s important to consider Managed Print Services. The right MPS provider starts by optimizing your print environment, then leverages technology, innovation and automation to improve security, and productivity throughout the transition to digital.

If your business is ready to face and overcome these challenges as you transition to digital processes, give us a call!

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