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You’re working from home: Now What?

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You’re working from home: Now What?

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, we shifted from our normal routines and processes to trying our best to make temporary workspaces out of kitchen tables. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies into a self-reflection period and exposed many gaps within the organization, in regards to how tasks were carried out, documents were filed, and how paper-dependent or manual workflows were completed.

Remote work has picked up quite a bit of steam, given its necessity, during this pandemic. But, the momentum that the work-from-home setting has amassed over these 13 weeks is proving that it could be here to stay – in some capacity. We have seen major companies already make the decision to stay remote through the end of 2020 and that is not telling what a possible second wave of the virus could mean for other companies hinging on that decision. COVID-19 has flipped our education system on its end and forced students and educators to finish the school year completely remote with some districts already laying out extremely cautious reopening protocols.

As we continue to manage our new remote settings and the potential for it to continue, we are all posed with the same question: How can we make it WORK!?

Here are 4 aspects of remote work to provide your team to help boost productivity, keep your data and information secure, and streamline efficiencies:

  • Remote Office Equipment – Provide your team with the business technology required for an effective WFH setup.
    • Mobile Workstations – Laptops, desktops, and more
    • Collaborative Tools – For teamwork & communication
    • Softphone – Virtual Communication Mediums
    • Multifunction Devices – Ready to scan, print, copy & fax
  • Remote Workplace Data Security – Prevent confidential data breaches caused by inadequate security protection.
    • Malware Protection – Avoid ransomware & data threats
    • Secure Network Access – Prevent unsecure visitors
    • Digital Rights Management – Control your digital assets
    • Data Loss Prevention – Ensure proper backups
  • Remote Workplace Productivity – Ensure uninterrupted performance with the right work-from-home technologies.
    • Electronic Fax (eFax) – Secure & efficient
    • File Conversion – Work in the formats you want
    • Electronic Signature – Provide approval digitally
    • Cloud Storage – Limitless file storage & sharing
  • Remote Document Management – Replace manual processes with digital documents and workflow automation.
    • Workflow Process Approval – Accelerate, automate, and simplify
    • Secure Document Archiving – Protect, organize and access quicker
    • Day-Forward Scanning – Create a starting point to eliminate paper filing systems
    • Digital File Room – Establish a digital library of your documents

These four building blocks will put you and your team well on your way to developing new methods, workflows, and protocols. CLICK HERE for more information on how to implement these strategies – Or contact Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office and have one of our Representatives help keep you and your team rolling.

James LaPenna
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