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4 Important Reasons to Take Some Time Off

4 Important Reasons to Take Some Time Off, Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

4 Important Reasons to Take Some Time Off

How much vacation time did you accrue last year? How much did you use? The average American worker only used half their vacation time, totaling over 200 million wasted vacation days in 2017. If this sounds like you, consider these reasons for taking your vacation this year.

  1. You’ll be more productive at work. It sounds counterintuitive, but taking time off from work will help you work better. Studies show that for every 10 hours of vacation time you take, you can boost your job performance by as much as 8%. Taking time off can also boost your creativity and improve your focus when you return to your desk.
  2. You’ll be less stressed. Vacation time helps remove you from work-related stress (especially if you make it a point to fully disconnect). This in turn has the physical effect of alleviating stress-related pain such as backaches and headaches. The relief can last for as much as 5 weeks after your vacation.
  3. You’ll sleep better. Work, with its long hours and deadlines, can disrupt your natural sleep patterns. Taking some time off can help you re-establish a better sleep routine. Good sleep is essential to your physical and mental health. After a poor night’s sleep, you’re more likely to be distracted, make mistakes, and not function at your peak.
  4. You’ll lower your risk of a heart attack. Men who skip vacations for five consecutive years have been shown to have a 30% increased risk of heart attack. Women show similar effects. Your body needs breaks, such as vacations, to rest and recharge to stay healthy.

Taking a vacation doesn’t have to mean a week at the beach or a European trip – simply staying home and relaxing can provide many of the same benefits. The important thing is that when you are taking time off, you leave your work at the office. 3 out of 5 workers admit to doing some business-related tasks on their vacation, which negates the healing effects of time off.

If you’re like many Americans, you’re not taking off the time you’ve earned. Whether you travel the world, or stay in your neighborhood, taking your vacation time is an important way to keep your body and mind healthy so that you can work better and more productively at work. Vacations boast many benefits, so this year make it a priority to schedule some time off from your job to relax and recharge.

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