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How Your Business Can Benefit from a Private Cloud

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How Your Business Can Benefit from a Private Cloud

Today, more businesses are making the transition to the cloud. For businesses concerned about security, it’s important to understand that options are available, like hybrid cloud platforms, which segregate what data and functions are stored on the cloud.

Another option is a private cloud network.

In this post, we’re going to explain what a private cloud is and how it can benefit your business into the future.

The Private Cloud Defined

A private cloud is a type of cloud computing where applications, data storage, backup, and security are provided over a dedicated network to a single organization or set of users. Private clouds provide features that make them stand out from other virtual services, including:

  • Private ownership and total system control
  • Limits access to authorized users
  • The network is secured behind a dedicated firewall

A private cloud is a great choice for organizations looking for security and control over their data without compromising on storage or relying on a third-party solution that may place limitations on data.

Private Cloud Benefits

Many companies choose a private cloud solution because it shares many similarities to Local Area Networks (LANs). This makes a move to a private network for a company that is transitioning from a LAN easier.

The move to a private cloud solution offers additional benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Security – While public clouds offer a certain level of security, you might not want to put your most sensitive information, like financial info or proprietary customer data at unnecessary risk by being stored on systems shared with many other organizations. With a private cloud network, data is accessible only from behind the organization’s firewall via dedicated leased lines or onsite internal hosting.
  • Increased Control – A private cloud offers more flexibility than a public cloud. Private clouds can be built to conform to the performance, architecture requirements and scaling needs of each customer.
  • Improved Reliability – Even the most secure public network can go down. This can be disastrous for organizations that need to keep sensitive information secure. Data can be split across numerous servers, and many times geographic locations creating potential security, regulatory and performance consequences. Private cloud servers can actually decrease downtime, increase performance, improve security visibility and compliance.

With Atlantic’s Private Cloud, you’ll enjoy enhanced security, improved reliability, and increased control. Ready to learn more? Contact us today and let us show you why the ATO Private Cloud is right for your business.



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