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Is Traditional Office Space a Thing of the Past?

Traditional office space with blank walls and no furniture

Is Traditional Office Space a Thing of the Past?

The rise of remote work may mean a permanent lowering of demand for office space for many companies. JP Morgan Chase, PwC, and Salesforce.com are just some major firms looking to lose big blocks of office space. Tech companies like Google and Apple are allowing workers to continue remote work, even after the pandemic ends. These are just some signs that remote work will play a prominent role in the “new normal,” and it’s definitely here to stay.

Typically, larger companies like JP Morgan Chase, often sign long terms leases lasting a decade or more, providing few options beyond subleasing to other tenants, for cost-cutting or reducing their footprint. According to CBRE Group, Inc at the end of 2020, 137 million square feet of office space was on the market for subleasing across the US. That’s the highest level since 2003 and up 40% from the previous year.

While economic factors typically drive subleasing and rentals, this time around many companies are doing well financially, but require less space because they are planning on keeping more employees working from home, even after the pandemic ends.

Planning for long-term remote work means businesses will need robust remote technology strategies and solutions. At Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office we provide a full complement of business-class products, technology, and services to equip your staff working from home, keeping them productive and your network and data, safe and secure.

We have helped many of our clients plan for the long term with solutions like:

Remote Office Equipment:

  • Mobile Workstations – Laptops, desktops and more
  • Collaboration Tools – For teamwork and communication
  • Softphones – Virtual communication mediums
  • Multifunction Devices – Ready to scan, print, copy and fax

Remote Workplace Data Security:

  • Malware Protection – Avoid ransomware and data threats
  • Secure Network Access – Prevent unsecure visitors
  • Digital Rights Management – Control your digital assets
  • Data Loss Prevention – Ensure proper backups

Remote Workplace Productivity:

  • Electronic Fax (eFax) – Secure and efficient
  • File Conversion – Work in the formats you want
  • Electronic Signature – Provide approval digitally
  • Cloud Storage – Limitless file storage and sharing

Remote Document Management

  • Workflow Process Approval – Accelerate, automate, and simplify
  • Secure Document Archiving – Protect, organize and access quicker
  • Day-Forward Scanning – Create a starting point to eliminate paper filing systems
  • Digital File Room – Establish a digital library for your documents

Here at Atlantic we have the solutions to keep your business agile no matter how your office changes or where your employees happen to be. Call us today and let us show you how we can help your business thrive.

James LaPenna
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