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Best Practices for Preventing a Malware Attack

Best Practices for Preventing a Malware Attack

When was the last time you updated your organization’s cyber security policy? Does it include steps for preventing malware? Keeping your network safe from a malware attack is critical in today’s world of technology. Being proactive in preventing an attack is much easier than having to deal with the repercussions after the fact.

Here are some tips to keep your business safe from malware:

  • Talk to your employees about the basics. Make sure your employees know not to open attachments before they are scanned and deemed safe. Also, employees should never download anything from a website that they don’t trust.
  • Utilize a full security suite. Take advantage of a comprehensive security suite that uses firewalls, blocks suspicious web traffic, screens incoming links, filters spam, and scans your computer regularly for malware. The more protection you have, the lower your risk will be.
  • Use caution with links. Bad links can come from emails, text messages and other websites. If you encounter a link that looks suspicious, don’t click on it! Instead, contact your IT team for guidance.
  • Make a phone call. It’s not unusual for a malicious link to be sent to you from a colleague. If this happens, pick up the phone and call to confirm its authenticity. Your colleague is likely dealing with a malware infection if he or she did not send the email, and making that phone call can help to thwart the attack.
  • Don’t allow employees to use personal devices on your network. Make it a policy to only allow authorized computers and devices to be connected to your network. Otherwise, you could be putting your entire network at risk.
  • Offer training regularly. The more you can educate your employees about cyberattacks and ways to prevent them, the better off your organization will be. Provide regular training for your employees, and send out bulletins with updated information about your cyber security policy.

In this day and age, cyber security is something that should not be taken lightly. Please contact an Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office representative today to learn more about security tools and best practices to prevent a malware attack from taking place.

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