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Finding the Right Copier Company: Tips to Know Before Leasing

Finding the Right Copier Company: Tips to Know Before Leasing

Finding the Right Copier Company: Tips to Know Before Leasing

Copier Company Insight You Can Trust

If you’re looking to lease a new copier, there are several considerations to keep in mind as you navigate your options. Not all copier companies are the same and it’s important to know what sets them apart. In this blog, we’ve compiled insights to help inform you in your decision as you look into leasing and beyond. Read on to learn our tips on choosing the right copier company to fit your business needs.

Reputation Matters

When choosing the best option among copier companies in your region, it’s wise to call references. Reputation matters in this industry, and learning from other clients’ experiences can help save a lot of time. While low cost proposals may be attractive, all too often, the low cost providers are not investing in their service and supply departments. Be sure to ask references specifics about the company’s service. You will want to know about their experience with the company’s technicians, their timeliness, the ability to repair the equipment on the first service call and how emergency calls are handled.

Willingness to Help

The best copier companies are the ones who are transparent and helpful during the entire leasing process. They’ll take the time to explain each step clearly, so you aren’t surprised by hidden fees and fine print. Additionally, they will ask questions, learn about your business and determine ways to leverage your new investment to increase productivity. Your new MFP Copier will most likely have options for advanced scanning solutions that may be worthwhile to investigate at the time you upgrade.

Automated Toner Fulfillment & Service Calls

Ordering toner and calling for service can be a thing of the past. Partnering with the right vendor will allow you to take advantage of these automated solutions. Running out of toner in the middle of that big deadline will never happen again.

Replacement Guarantees

Premium copier companies provide guarantees beyond the manufacturer, ensuring you have peace of mind that your investment is protected and protecting your business from unforeseen downtime.

Are you in the market for an updated copier? Our tips will help you choose the best copier company to complement your business needs. Don’t delay in your search—we can help. Atlantic’s Managed Print Services can help your business cut costs, increase productivity, and improve uptime. Contact Atlantic today to learn more!

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