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How to Transition to a Paperless Office

How to Transition to a Paperless Office, Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

How to Transition to a Paperless Office

Even though we’re living in a digital age, many workplaces still rely heavily on paper processes. Some of the key challenges of a paper-intensive workplace include inefficient workflows and the cost of paper and print consumables.

Transitioning to a paperless office will allow your organization to streamline workflows, creating a more productive workplace. Through the digitalization of files, it’s possible to eliminate the need for paper almost entirely, making it easier to store, search and send data.

If you’re ready to make the move to a paperless office, here are several steps to get the process started:

Step 1: Understand your existing printing needs.

In order to successfully transition to a paperless office, you first need to understand your actual printing needs. A Managed Print Services provider will deploy software to collect data that will provide your organization with an accurate analysis of your printing volume and costs.

Step 2: Get acclimated with online applications.

Taking advantage of cloud-based applications will make it easier to share data with clients and business partners. When you’re considering moving to a paperless office, talk to companies that you work with to see if they’re already using cloud-based applications to streamline workflows.

Step 3: Scan new paperwork that comes in.

Scanners allow users to easily convert paper files to digital versions. When making the move to a paperless workplace, make a point to scan any paperwork that you receive and save it as a digital file.

Step 4: Sign documents digitally.

In a paperless office, there’s no need to wait for physical signatures on paperwork to move forward. Instead, approve and sign documents electronically. In most countries, documents that have been signed electronically are as legally valid as if they were signed with pen on paper.

Step 5: Phase out old technology. 

Replace old equipment with technology that will contribute to your paperless workplace.

Step 6: Reward employees for printing less.

Get your employees on board with the transition to a paperless office by offering incentives to encourage them to print less.

Transitioning to a paperless workplace is not something that will happen overnight. However, easing into a workplace that does not rely on paper will increase productivity and give your business tremendous flexibility.  Contact us today to learn more!


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