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The Definitive Guide to Managed Print Services

The Definitive Guide to Managed Print Services

The Benefits of Managing Your Printer Fleet , Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office, NY, NJ, CT, PA

Partnering with the right Managed Print Services provider allows you to focus on other more important areas of your business, knowing that your print infrastructure is operating efficiently and print processes are streamlined. Firstly, let’s define managed print services.


What are managed print services?


Managed Print Services (MPS), can be defined in any number of ways, depending on the scope, application, and needs of each individual organization. But the goal is simple – gaining a clear picture and control over your print environment.

Managed Print Services encompasses every aspect of your print environment, including:

  • All documents produced by in-house and mobile workers
  • Management and optimization of networked and non-networked devices like desktop printers, high volume copiers, and scanners
  • Supplies replenishment and management of consumables
  • Service and phone support


Managed Print Service providers will do more than just manage your printers.


They will also:

  • Conduct an initial in-depth analysis of your current print infrastructure
  • Identify and solve problems before they affect your business
  • Provide mobile workers and telecommuters with secure, efficient access to printing
  • Help reduce your environmental impact with a reduction in energy and paper usage, and recycling initiatives
  • Train employees, for a smoother transition, enhanced productivity and increased satisfaction
  • Automate and digitize slower outdated processes, such as invoice approvals and routing
  • Optimization, monitoring, and management of print output, for all makes and models
  • Streamline your printer fleet to reduce the quantity and types of printers you own, with an eye towards efficiency
  • Assist with IT integration

The Real Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)


Hidden print costs resulting from wasteful printing, or lost productivity due to downtime can add up, costing you more than you may realize. Managing these devices can turn losses into gains with benefits ranging from:


1.    Productivity

  • The impact of lost productivity can really add up. With a Managed Print solution, problems are solved before they become critical. Toner is automatically replenished, upgrades performed and preventative maintenance keeps your print environment running smoothly.


2.    IT Support

  • Your IT team is responsible for keeping your computers, maintenance, upgrades, network and security running smoothly. If they’re busy fixing jammed printers it can keep them from critical tasks. MPS removes print issues from them, freeing their time to focus on operational issues.


3.    Security

  • MPS not only frees your IT team, it supports their ongoing data security efforts. Today, printers function like any other computer on your network. Printers can contain hard drives, offer Internet access, email, scanning and storing of critical information. If left unsecured or overlooked, your print device can be an easy network entry point for cybercriminals. A Managed Print provider will ensure that every possible security measure is in place to proactively address your print security.


4.    Cost Savings

  • Here are some ways MPS can impact your bottom line
    • Fixed monthly billing means predictable budgeting
    • Reduced waste and recycling programs can help you achieve your environmental goals.
    • Equipment maintenance costs are lowered thanks to preventative maintenance. An MPS provider will also upgrade inefficient technology when necessary, saving you energy and operational costs.
    • Labor costs are reduced thanks to less time spent dealing with print issues. That means more time for mission-critical tasks.


Additional Benefits of Managing Your Printer Fleet


Output devices come and go, as they become redundant, inefficient, or inoperable. Depending on the size of your business, you may have anywhere from a few, to dozens of these devices. Regardless of numbers, how you manage your device fleet can impact your budget, productivity levels, and data security. There are several benefits to fleet device management:


Fleet Monitoring: Printer Tracking Output

managed print paper work


An important element of device fleet management is tracking output. Fleet monitoring lets you know which devices are used most often so you can make the necessary adjustments to streamline office workflow. Placing the right machines in the right locations can reduce bottlenecks or downtime due to frequent maintenance on an overworked device. While utilizing another printer within the office is a workable solution, productivity will still remain down and can cause additional bottlenecks further down the line.


View Data According to User


In addition to gaining insight into print volumes by device, you can also view data according to user. Knowing which employees are responsible for generating the highest document output allows you to formulate a plan of action, which may include any or all of the following:

  • Make changes to the type or location of devices available to the user to maximize efficiency
  • Allocate print expenses to the appropriate department
  • Start a dialogue about resource management

Alleviate Printer Fleet Security Concerns: MPS Risk Management


Alleviate your security concerns with a policy that requires employees to identify themselves prior to receiving printed documents. This practice helps to increase security by preventing sensitive information from resting, unclaimed in a paper tray, for all to see…

Alleviate your security concerns with a policy that requires employees to identify themselves prior to receiving printed documents. This practice helps to increase security by preventing sensitive information from resting, unclaimed in a paper tray, for all to see.

Ask any business that has partnered with an MPS provider and they’ll tell you about the value Managed Print Services brings. In fact, the benefits are far-reaching and can save you time, money, and resources. Want to learn more?


Watch our video below, or give us a call today.


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