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Important Questions to Ask When Automating Document Workflows

Important Questions to Ask When Automating Document Workflows, Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office, NY, NJ, CT, PA

Important Questions to Ask When Automating Document Workflows

With today’s technology, we have more opportunities to better organize our workplace and processes than ever before. If you are considering automating your document workflows, read on for some key areas to consider to help you get started.

Automating Process

Process automation is defined as “the digitization of any manual process that centralizes and compiles information within an organization.” This can include everything from streamlining corporate workflows, to creating a simple electronic document filing system.

Automating processes can:

  • Minimize human error along with the associated costs
  • Speed up job completion, freeing valuable employee time to focus on core business
  • Monitor, track and report on documents and process
  • Enhance regulatory compliance, reliability and corporate governance

These benefits can be enjoyed enterprise wide in every department from marketing to HR, accounting and even the mailroom.

Once You’ve Identified the Process, What’s Next?

Once you’ve identified the processes that can benefit from automation, it’s time to dig in and capture more information to drive your automation strategy. Ask yourself:

  • What types of documents do you generate? Invoices, proposals, time sheets or forms
  • How do you store these documents? File cabinets, hard copy, storage boxes or digital formats
  • What volume of documents do you create? Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • What formats do you currently use? For example, PDFs, word documents or emails
  • How many people require access? In total, and at one time
  • What systems are currently in place? What methods, workflows, equipment and applications do you use?
  • Do you manually input data? How many man hours does it take?
  • How do you manage these processes? For example, management information or prepared reports
  • How long does reporting take? Is it real-time or historic data?
  • Do you get all the information you need? Do you get the specific information you need to run your business day-to-day when you need it?

Automating process and workflows can add visibility, agility, improve regulatory compliance, speed up your daily operations and reduce costs significantly. Want to learn more about the benefits of automating your workflows? Give us a call today!

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