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The Many Benefits MPS Can Offer the Legal Industry

The Many Benefits MPS Can Offer the Legal Industry, Atlantic Tomorrow's Office, NY, NJ, CT, PA

The Many Benefits MPS Can Offer the Legal Industry

Almost every task that takes place in a law office utilizes and revolves around paper. Experts estimate that the average firm spends between one and three percent of annual revenues on document output with 30% of this amount going towards toner and maintenance.

However, more often than not, law firms have no idea what their total cost of operation (TCO) regarding print actually is. This is partially due to the uncoordinated purchases of equipment and consumables across departments. Add to this, the cost of operation for different devices and it becomes easy to see why TCO is so hard to pin down.

Managed Print Services (MPS) offers law firms effective solutions for getting their print environment under control. An MPS provider can help to reduce costs by improving document workflows and establishing efficient print processes. Here’s how MPS can help your firm:

  • Assessment and Consolidation

The first task your MPS provider will undertake is a complete assessment and inventory of your firm’s print environment including all equipment, supplies and vendors. Once completed, change begins. This can include replacement of outdated or inefficient technology and consolidating existing devices to maximize productivity.

  • Printer Placement Ergonomics

Many firms often have multiple devices or copy rooms that may not be convenient for all employees or departments. Waiting to access a printer can create bottlenecks by hampering workflows and impacting productivity. A Managed Print Services provider can help relieve this by shifting assets to alternate areas, providing easier access and freeing resources in high-traffic areas.

The Many Other Benefits of MPS

MPS addresses additional challenges facing your legal firm’s printing infrastructure, including:

A Managed Print Services provider can design a digital document management system that will save you time searching through paper by improving search capabilities, improving security, and saving time while cutting costs and improving productivity.

Streaming document workflows will reduce costs and free your team to focus on growing your business. Give us a call and let us show you how making some small changes can pay immediate dividends when it comes to your firm’s print environment!

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