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Is the Best Choice for Your Business a Copier or MFP?

Is the Best Choice for Your Business a Copier or MFP?

Today, we often use the terms copier and multifunction printer interchangeably, but the fact is they have some pretty significant differences. If you’re in the market for a new machine, start by evaluating your needs. Machine size and features should play a role in your decision so be sure to consider the number of users and the functions they’ll need before you take the leap.

Let’s look at the differences between these two different types of machines to help you make your decision:

Multifunction Devices

These machines are workhorses that combine the features of a copier, printer, fax machine and scanner into a single device; many models can fit on a desktop. Here are some of the key benefits of MFPs:

  • A much smaller footprint saves space and replaces a room full of machines with a single device.
  • The scanner on your MFP can improve productivity in the office by routing digital documents directly into workflows including saving into network folders, direct to email, fax or directly onto the cloud for secure storage.
  • One machine saves money on maintenance, supplies and repairs.
  • Reclaim valuable office space for more productive mission critical tasks, like additional workspace.
  • Fax capabilities allow you to communicate with clients who still rely on fax technology.

Because of their many functions, they are well suited for any-sized office environment or workgroup, where a separate copier, scanner, or fax machine may not be practical.


Copiers have evolved tremendously in the past few years. Traditionally, they made copies of paper documents and did little else. Today, copiers are much like MFPs only with a much larger footprint. These machines can produce up to 90 pages of output per minute. Other features include:

  • Enhanced power and speed mean they can keep up with the needs of the busiest office environment.
  • Today’s copiers can handle more sizes of paper and other printable media.
  • They also offer advanced finishing features like collating, stapling, three-hole punching and various types of binding.

Greater performance capabilities, and speed, make them ideal for busy offices, or large workgroups, where space isn’t of concern.

Choosing between an MFP or a copier can be a difficult decision. Have questions or need more information? Contact us at Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office and we’ll help you find the perfect solution to meet your company’s unique needs.


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