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Server Virtualization: Enhance Your Office’s Data Center

Server Virtualization: Enhance Your Office's Data Center

Server Virtualization: Enhance Your Office’s Data Center

The 7 Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization has become an increasingly adopted tactic for growing a company’s server network and storage. Server virtualization is the process of splitting a single, physical server into multiple, virtual servers. These virtual servers can run independently and are capable of using various operating system (OS) configurations.

Using server virtualization can bring many benefits that enhance your office’s data center. When considering if virtualization is right for your IT needs, use this list of benefits to help you weigh the usefulness of the practice.

Why Virtualize?

Reduce hardware and costs

Save money on extra server hardware and energy costs by using fewer physical servers and expanding the usefulness of the ones you do have. Your data center will be opened up with more space, less heat, and a smaller footprint.

Access more apps, more OSs

With each virtualized server able to run different OS configurations and applications, you’ll need far fewer resources and find less hassle to accomplish your work.

Recover from disasters faster

Image-based backups and software like vSphere and site recovery manager allow for easy-to-implement backups and disaster recovery.

Be more productive with less downtime

Virtualization allows for far less downtime when your servers need to be updated and reconfigured. That means more time for employees to spend on billable or necessary work.

Reduce IT Staff’s time and manpower needs

The reduction of physical hardware also means that your IT staff will need less time and manpower for administration and support, saving you hours and money.

Enable storage virtualization

Virtualizing your storage allows for improved performance, reduced costs, and the ability to scale your storage more easily.

Get ready for the Cloud

Virtualizing your servers means they are able to be transported to the Cloud with ease, which is something to consider when working with a cloud hosting company like Atlantic.

If you’re considering virtualization of your servers, discuss the switch with Atlantic’s team of experts. We’re here to help you figure out what’s right for your business’s IT team and provide unparalleled service to accomplish it.

James LaPenna
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